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Now you can with Sleep Genius, the world's most scientifically advanced audio program for sleep, packaged conveniently into an app

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That’s why you choose Sleep Genius, the only baby sleep app leveraging decades of neurological research on the impact of music and sound in the sleep patterns of babies.

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Sleep Genius Baby iPhone App
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Developed following our research helping NASA astronauts get to sleep

Sleep Genius is the world's most scientifically advanced sleep application!

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Meet the Experts

Created by the world's leading authorities in neuroscience, sleep, sound, and music.

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Alex Doman
Alex Doman
Founder of Advanced Brain Technologies and bestselling author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®
Vera Brandes
Vera Brandes
Music-Medicine at Paracelsus Medical University and International Association for Music and Medicine
Seth Horowitz
Seth Horowitz
Auditory Neuroscientist and NASA funded sleep researcher
Lance Massey
Lance Massey
Developed the famous T-Mobile ring tone and provided sound tracks to some of the world's most recognized brands
Sleep Genius

Sleep is not simple unconsciousness. It is an extraordinarily complex and critical brain-controlled behavior that is harnessed by Sleep Genius

Seth Horowitz, Ph.D

Neuroscientist and NASA Funded Sleep Researcher

A completely natural and effective sleep program based on the principles of neuroscience. It engages the auditory system, vestibular system, and the brain's arousal system to improve sleep regulation

Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist/Neuroscientist at Brain Resource Center

Sleep Genius is a life changing app to improve your health and energize your mind and body.

Dr. Gregory Biddulph, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

I use this every night and no longer dread trying to go to sleep. This program has replaced my sleep apnea machine…Now that’s a miracle!!

Adult Female

Patient has gout and severe sleep apnea. Fell asleep during the second program, reported not awaking for pain relief. Wife reports his sleep apnea improved by at least 50%. Effusive about how restorative his sleep is now

Therapist report on 62 year old male

Usually it takes me a couple hours to fall asleep. With this, I'm asleep in ten minutes and sleep all night and feel bulletproof

37 year old male

How Sleep Genius Neuroscience Helps You

Our exclusive sleep algorithms and scientifically composed music ease your brain into its natural sleep rhythms

Sleep Science Neurosensory Algorithms

Neurosensory Algorithms

Helps you get to sleep faster by triggering a motion induced sensation in your brain… similar to a baby being rocked to sleep.

Sleep Science Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

Keeps you asleep by training your brain to match the waveforms in the various stages of sleep.

Sleep Science Pink Noise

Pink Noise

Blocks out distracting noises and relaxes you by slowing down your breath rate and heart rate.

Sleep Science Psychoacoustic Music

Psychoacoustic Music

Relaxes your brain allowing you to fall asleep faster using scientifically composed low frequency, low tone density, and low tempo music.

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Why Sleep Genius

Don’t be fooled by other sleep sound apps that can annoy the brain! None of them can entrain the brain to sleep like Sleep Genius does

Sleep Genius

Neurosensory algorithms designed for sleep, written by neuroscientists
Clinically tested results with 75% success rate of sleeping better
Professional Neuroscience Endorsements
Professional composition of scientific sound elements
Multi-Band Binaural Beats to entrain the brain to sleep
Pink noise to block distractions and relax you
New psychoacoustic music composed specifically for sleeping with no pre-existing neuro association


No neurosensory algorithms
No clinical test results
No professional neuroscience endorsements
No scientific composition
Single frequency Binaural beats that require more brain attention, hindering sleep
Repetitive white noise with zero impact on your brain's sleep centers
Music not composed for sleep and/or with a neuro association other than sleep

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Explore the Sleep Genius features and discover how to naturally improve your nights sleep. Awake feeling refreshed and energized.

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